• Baggage Reconcilliation System
    Travsys Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) can be obtained in two ways: as a local installed system, or as a cloud service hosted by Travsys. The BRS has a close relation with the DCS, and can be used as an integrated unit to the DCS or as a standalone application. The Baggage Reconciliation … Read more
  • Departure Control System
    System characteristics of the HELENA DCS Services: The HELENA DCS service is comparable with traditional airline DCS service in terms of functionality and setup. The HELENA DCS is positioned above the mainframe in terms of user interface capabilities. The HELENA DCS is a centrally installed computer system, and can be accessed via … Read more
  • Flight Information Display System
    The Flight Information Display System (FIDS) provides all information to staff and passengers about the flight operation at the airport. The FIDS is the core system for flight information on the airport, and can distribute this information to other systems like: L-DCS, BRS, VDG Systems and more, as well as feeding the … Read more
  • Legacy products
    On this page you find descriptions of our older products, most of these products are stil in live use but we no longer provide updates.   
  • T-MEC Travsys Message Exchange Center
    The earliest possibility of airlines to communicate with and between each other is by means of messages. The airlines created a message exchange network and the operators used teletype machines. Later on the teletype machines changed into computers and automatic message switching equipment. The airline community is calling these message IATA messages … Read more
  • Travsys CUPPS platform
    Travsys CUPPS platform i-DMACS the Travsys CUPPS solutionOutline Description iDMACS, Dynamic Multi-Access Check-in System, is a CUPPS compliant airport platform as described in the IATA RP1797. The iDMACS platform provides services for check-in and boarding to multiple airlines and other service providers. iDMACS is an IATA certified CUPPS ver.1.03 platform. The iDMACS … Read more
  • Travsys Smart Check-in agent
    TSCA provides check-in and boarding functionality by a common user interface for the various departure control systems at the airport. The Common Use environment at the airport is getting more and more diverse due to airline demands like E-Ticketing and so on. Resulting in Handling Agents who need to learn multiple systems … Read more
  • Weight and Balance System
    The Travsys Weight and Balance (W&B) application is intended for load controllers to plan and load aircrafts. The W&B application is getting its data from the Semi-Permanent database, the Flights database, IATA type-b messages, and finally by the operator input. The Semi-Permanent database contains the information of each aircraft which is going … Read more