Baggage Reconcilliation System

Travsys Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) can be obtained in two ways: as a local installed system, or as a cloud service hosted by Travsys.

The BRS has a close relation with the DCS, and can be used as an integrated unit to the DCS or as a standalone application.

The Baggage Reconciliation System BRS provides positive reconciliation matching checked baggage with the correct flight to meet with today’s security standards for international travel as defined by ICAO Annex 17, and it is supporting IATA Resolution 753 for arriving baggage. In the event that baggage has to be offloaded, the baggage numbers are identified and transferred to the baggage loading scanners. After the pieces have been pulled, the database is updated accordingly.

Management Software
The heart of the system is a database server that reconciles the baggage and the passenger data. The database and supporting software is a high performance, high reliability server application. There is no requirement for any user operation of the database. All significant events are available in a log file, should the need for investigation into the history of a particular bag arise. The database administers the hierarchical security features for the system. All the user functions are assigned security levels, a user must have access rights to the required security level in order to access a specific function.The scanning devices in the baggage loading area gather data specifying which bags have arrived at the baggage loading point. If the bag tag number is already in the database, then a signal is given that the bag may be loaded. Rush bags are handled by registering the tag numbers into the system from one of the workstations. This method is also used for Crew Bags and Courier Bag handling. The database and associated programs are designed for quick and efficient access to provide excellent response times when operating under full load conditions.

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