Travsys Smart Check-in agent

TSCA provides check-in and boarding functionality by a common user interface for the various departure control systems at the airport. The Common Use environment at the airport is getting more and more diverse due to airline demands like E-Ticketing and so on. Resulting in Handling Agents who need to learn multiple systems to work with.Travsys’s Smart Check-in Agent is addressing this situation by providing agents with a tool to overcome these differences and hence the reduction of training and staff scheduling.Travsys has developed this together with people who do have nearly ten years of experience with a GUI system at one of the busiest airports in the world.By using TSCA the results will be: flexible agent scheduling, reduced training cost, workflow automation, less type errors, and enhanced passenger service.Major benefits of TSCA

  • Reduced training cost
  • Flexible agent roistering
  • Same interface for all airlines
  • Possible to provide in native language

New airlines can easily be implemented without disturbing the existing environment.

The Travsys TSCA can be tailored to each airports need. The processes are defined by a script and can be customized for each requirement.

For more details download the product description here.