Weight and Balance System

The Travsys Weight and Balance (W&B) application is intended for load controllers to plan and load aircrafts. The W&B application is getting its data from the Semi-Permanent database, the Flights database, IATA type-b messages, and finally by the operator input. The Semi-Permanent database contains the information of each aircraft which is going to be managed by the W&B application. This data is extracted from the AHM50 or AHM560 document as provided by the aircraft manufacturer and aircraft owner. The user can not make changes to the Semi-Permanent database. This database is managed by Travsys. The Flights database contains the details of actual flights to be managed. Flights can be created by the operator or automatically by incoming messages. After the loading of the aircraft is completed, the W&B application will generate the Load-sheet and other documents as well as the Load message to be send to the airline head office or to the next airport on the route of this flight. The W&B application can send and receive IATA type-b messages via the T-MEC messaging server. For more details download the product description here.