About Travsys

The principal owners of Travsys have been working in the airline industrie since the early eighties of the last century. This was in various roles ranging from hardware support, software development, to commercial functions.

In 2000 the three owners joined forces and incorperated Travsys B.V.  This was done by means of a management buyout taking the products developed by us and some customers with us.

Initial focus of Travsys B.V. was on the datacommunication site with gateways for handling ALC and UTS legacy protocols to TCP/IP. We also worked on firmware for ATB printers and developed some custom hardware for datacommunication. These products were installed on many airports in the world mainly though partners such as Arinc. Some of these installations are stil in use today.

Later our focus moved more to the passenger handling site with products like baggage reconciliation, CUPPS, FIDS, Departure Control Systems etc.

Our mission always has been to provide reliable software capable of running 24×7 with the best possible support.

As a smal team we are flexible and are always prepared to find a solution to a problem.

The management team:

Renze Tilma

Handles the commercial site.

Lex Loep

Responsible for the design and implementation of the Travsys software products.

Anton van Zuylen

Handles support and also develops our products.