Software Solutions without fear of heights

Travsys provides some of the most advanced and comprehensive systems solutions in the industry. Our products are utilized by many airlines and airports around the world.

Travsys reputation was built on experience, long customer relations, top level support, and flexibility.

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What we do

Travsys develops products which fall into two categories:

  1. Passenger handling applications, for instance our CUPPS platform, BRS, HELENA L-DCS,and FIDS for optimal Management of your passenger flow.
  2. Airline connectivity solutions, Global Connect is such a solution. It gives you the capability to manage and control your worldwide network from just one location. It’s the perfect conversion tool to convert your legacy network protocols, like ALC or UTS, to an open IP network.

Travsys seeks uncommon challenges and provide valuable solutions that will benefit even the most discriminating small or very large airline organizations.

Travsys demonstrates an end to end commitment with quality products and services from the pilot to implementation and after commissioning.

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Why Travsys

We live in fast times. Everything changes quickly and so does the technical market. Travsys will see to it that you can smoothly transfer from your “old” systems technique to a new one in a flexible cost effective way. If you are looking for the best knowledge and care in the Air Transport applications and data communications, you’ve come to the right company. Not only are we known for providing the best service (on a 24/7 basis), but we also make sure that your organization will have the benefit of experiencing the latest developments in this branche.