Travsys CUPPS platform

Travsys CUPPS platform

i-DMACS the Travsys CUPPS solutionOutline Description

iDMACS, Dynamic Multi-Access Check-in System, is a CUPPS compliant airport platform as described in the IATA RP1797. The iDMACS platform provides services for check-in and boarding to multiple airlines and other service providers.

iDMACS is an IATA certified CUPPS ver.1.03 platform.

The iDMACS product strategy is to deliver a common use platform to support airline processes on a shared workstation at the check-in, gate, and other locations throughout the airport.

The iDMACS system is an open architecture to enable all CUPPS certified application to be support.

Future developed products can be easily accommodated depending on the airport requirement. The initial goal is to support agent operated check-in and boarding facilities, and possible CUSS systems. The iDMACS system has the potential to support of premises locations like hotels etc. as well as the possibility to connect several airports to a common iDMACS core system. The iDMACS comprises of several components as described by the RP1797 documentation. For more details download the product description here.