Monday, January 25, 2021
System characteristics of the HELENA DCS Services:
  • The HELENA DCS service is comparable with traditional airline DCS service in terms of functionality and setup.
  • The HELENA DCS is positioned above the mainframe in terms of user interface capabilities.
  • The HELENA DCS is a centrally installed computer system, and can be accessed via TCP/IP, e.g. VPN over internet.
  • The HELENA DCS has the basic functions of check-in, transit handling, boarding, and baggage processing.
  • The HELENA DCS has a load control function for aircraft weight and balance calculation and load sheet generation.
  • The HELENA DCS has all AHM50 information in a central database.
  • The HELENA DCS is connected to the airline type-b messaging network to receive and send DCS related messages.
  • The HELENA DCS can host many airlines or handling organizations at the same time.
  • The HELENA DCS is kept compliant with IATA regulations.
  • The HELENA DCS is scalable as needed.
  • The HELENA DCS uses a relational database for all storage functions.
  • The HELENA DCS client module has a graphical user interface for all its functions.
  • The HELENA DCS client can run on all CUTE platforms as well as on regular PC environments.
  • The HELENA DCS does support ATB2 as well as bar-coded boarding passes.
  • The HELENA DCS can be used at any airport, from very small to the largest possible configuration.
  • Travsys can provide the special printer, and scanner hardware as well.
  • The HELENA DCS can be self installed although Travsys does also offer installation and training services.

For more details download the product description for HELENA HELENA DCS

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