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i-DMACS the Travsys CUPPS solution

Outline Description

iDMACS, Dynamic Multi-Access Check-in System, is a CUPPS compliant airport platform as described in the IATA RP1797. The iDMACS platform provides services for check-in and boarding to multiple airlines and other service providers.


iDMACS is an IATA certified CUPPS ver.1.03 platform.


The iDMACS product strategy is to deliver a common use platform to support airline processes on a shared workstation at the check-in, gate, and other locations throughout the airport.

The iDMACS system is an open architecture to enable all CUPPS certified application to be support.

Future developed products can be easily accommodated depending on the airport requirement. The initial goal is to support agent operated check-in and boarding facilities, and possible CUSS systems. The iDMACS system has the potential to support of premises locations like hotels etc. as well as the possibility to connect several airports to a common iDMACS core system.

The iDMACS comprises of several components as described by the RP1797 documentation.


Diagram as defined in the IATA RP1797 (source RP1797)


The iDMACS CUPPS solution provides a full user management and access control for the complete system. Users have to be given the access rights to the system and for each user the application access is defined.

Detailed diagram as defined in the IATA RP1797 (source RP1797)


Principal Features


The iDMACS system is managed by a number of servers, depending on the features required. The servers are running in a clustered mode with a shared network storage unit. This to ensure full backup and redundancy service for a 24/7 operation.

iDMACS Server

The iDMACS server contains the User Log-in Database facility, Software management service, and other management functions as required. The iDMACS server is running on the Windows 2012 R2 server platform.

Log-In Database

The system is equipped with a central log-in facility. This log-in facility provides user access security by means of a user name and password. The password has a pre-defined expiration date. A management tool provides a means to define users, desk locations, airlines, airline rights, and applications. It links users and airlines, airlines and desks, and users and applications.

Users will be presented with only those applications they have the configured right to use.

After a pre-configured time the user is automatically logged off from the system.

The iDMACS platform has applications available for configuring the user and application access control.

All equipment status and operational functions can be monitored by a system wide monitoring tool.

iDMACS workstations

iDMACS workstations are running the Windows 7 professional operating system or a later version. The iDMACS workstation is managing the interface to all peripherals like Boarding Pass Printer and Baggage Tag Printer, etc. The iDMACS platform provides the interface as defined by the IATA RP1797 and its associated technical documentation. Airlines and other parties can provide application that can operate on this platform.

On the iDMACS workstations, no airline specific software is installed. All software is stored and managed from the server.



Whenever and airline or any other party wants to run their CUPPS compliant application on the iDMACS platform, the application has to be certified by Travsys.

Additional components

Comms Server Pro for NT

For communication with the airline host system, often a communication server or Gateway is needed. Travsys can provide the Comms Server Pro for Windows* NT (CSPNT). The Server uses intelligent communication adapters to handle low-level communication details for the required protocols. It supports a large number of workstations (depending on the upline speed), and several management connections. Each Server has a backup, which can take over on command or automatically in case of failure. A server monitor program allows remote monitoring and management of communication server and print servers. (See PD-TS-001 for detailed information.)

Travsys Smart Comms Application

A possible Airline CUPPS application running on the workstations can be the TSCA. The TSCA software provides terminal emulation facilities to the user and all airline specific printer handling.


iDMACS server hardware

The iDMACS is requiring a cluster server configuration with a RAID5 share storage. Several virtual servers will be configured to run the various applications of the iDMACS system. The cluster configuration is providing hot standby facility in case of a server hardware failure. Switchover is performed in about 20 sec. iDMACS can operate on a Windows12 R2 or later version of the operating system.

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