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Web Connect Service

 Why you are still using an expensive dedicated data link to your reservation system, while you also have an ADSL link to internet with equal quality and performance.

The Web Connect Service is an access and security server which provides connectivity from the airlines sales office, via the internet to a centrally installed CSPNT server. From this CSPNT Server a dedicated link via SITA or ARINC provides access to the airlines mainframe reservation or departure control system.

To use Web Connect, no software is needed to be installed on the workstation, other than the operating system including the Internet Explorer browser.

After the first time a computer has made a connection with the Web Connect Server, the system administrator can set any specific configuration for that particular workstation , like attached printers and other devices.

Host Protocols Supported

After the Web Connect server has granted access to the user and its associated workstation, the CCP client software is downloaded and a session with a CSPNT server is initiated. The user can start working with this CCP session as with any other dedicated terminal emulation software.

Since the Web Connect service is using the CSPNT software all the relevant airline protocols are supported, like:

ALC, UTS, MATIP, or AX25 (and other airline specific protocols implementations)


The Web Connect solution is designed:

·        As an end-to-end solution for airlines.

·        For use over public internet

·        To be highly secure

·        For ease of implementation

·        To be simple

·        As a homogeneous solution to legacy systems connection

·        To be transparent to the user

·        For the future

 Web Connect admin screen


The Web Connect server has a user section and an administrator section. Depending on the access rights the administrator part is shown or hidden.
After the user is logged-in, it has to choose the session which is provided.

The Administrator can create new Users, Roles, Pools and other settings. After a computer has made contact for the first time, the administrator can configure that computer with the designated sessions and associated printers. This configuration will remain with this computer, independent of the user who logs on.

In the Logs section the administrator can see which users have logged-in and if there where any error.

This page is typically branded to the airlines style and requirement.

Some of the parameters which can be define as administrator of Web Connect are:

-         Users

To defines the user name, its role etc

-         Roles

Defined roles within the service. This can be User, Admin, etc.

-         Computers

Computers are identified by their fully qualified domain name or by their MAC address. Linked to the computer name is the hardware configuration for this device.

-         Gateway Sessions and Session pools

Sessions and Session Pools are the link between the User/Computer and the host. These sessions can be fixed or organized in pools.


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