Monday, January 25, 2021
Travsys MATIP Router

The Airline industry is moving to IP networks more and more. As each airline could implement its own solution for IP networks, MATIP seems to become the preferred protocol for transportation of airline traffic over IP.

Travsys has extended their Global Connect product to provide a full scale MATIP solution. The product will accept the MATIP data from the IP network, after which it can be converted back to ALC or UTS and transported over one or more local lines. Alternatively, IP clients can be connected directly to the MATIP router.

This solution can function as the migration router from ALC or UTS links to IP connections. You can create a link, direct from the mainframe all the way through to the desktop.

The MATIP router operates in the Windows 2003, and - XP environment.

Travsys has tested and implemented their MATIP solution at several airlines already. The total data network can be converted to IP using the Travsys solution.

The MATIP router is the bridge between the IP network, utilizing the MATIP protocol, and an ALC or UTS down line. It uses intelligent communication peripherals to handle low-level communication details for the required ALC or UTS protocol. It can also act as server for IP clients directly connected to the MATIP router.

The following host protocols are currently supported:

MATIP as up line protocol.

ALC, UTS, or CPARS as down line protocol.
TCP/IP for CCP clients.


- Full implementation of RFC2351
- Can be used both as up line or as down line.
- ALC, AX25, UTS, P1024B, P1024C, IP up line or down line.
- Remote manageable.
- Backup option.
- Monitoring and tracing tools.
- SNMP support.


RFC 2351, Mapping of Airline Reservation, Ticketing, and Messaging Traffic over IP, May 1998

P1024B Communication Control Protocol Specification, Society International Telecommunications Aeronautics

P1024C Communication Control Protocol Specification, Society International Telecommunications Aeronautics

MATIP Implementation Guide, Society International Telecommunications Aeronautics


- Provides an end-to-end solution for airlines or central reservation systems.
- Allows airlines to replace their existing hardware and migrate to IP networks.
- Enables the end-to-end delivery of ALC and UTS data between a remote router or gateway and the mainframe using TCP/IP encapsulation.
- Eliminates the use of dedicated, leased, slow-speed ALC and UTS serial lines and migrates the reservation system networks to a modern networking paradigm. Once the mainframe reservation system is enabled to use TCP/IP, new applications can be written for PCs or NCs.
- Supports standards-based MATIP protocol for transporting data across the TCP/IP network.

System requirements.
- Windows 2003, - XP or higher.
- 512 MB memory
- Pentium IV

Download a full product description in PDF format

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