Monday, January 25, 2021
Comms Client Pro

Comms Client Pro (CCP) is a full featured windows application with which the user can perform mainframe interaction. The CCP will make visible all the user data to and from the mainframe. CCP can also be called a terminal emulator suitable for ALC and UTS, or MATIP.

The CCP application will handle all the display functions as well as the interface to the regular message printers and the special airline printers like ATB and BTP.
CCP can open several windows connected to the same or different airline mainframes. If connected to the same airline mainframe, each window can have the same or different TA/SID.
CCP makes use of the full featured TCP/IP implementation to connect to the CSPNT server. This provides the system administrator with the interface to monitor not only the screen performance but also to view the status and data to and from the connected printer devices.

CCP has a build in scripting facility which enables the user or the system administrator to develop any productivity enhancement tools for the user. For complex application, a OLE interface is provided to connect other applications to CCP. This could be for instance applications developed in Visual Basic or any other development tools supporting OLE.

CCP has several build in tools like a calculator, a calendar, and a keyboard re-map function. The keyboard re-map function can also be used to link script applications to special key commands.

CCP can also be configured to interface to a MATIP server. This MATIP server can either be the CSPNT or any other device supporting this interface.

CCP supports all types of printing. This can be a simple message printer or a full featured ATB device. For the printer interface, the scripting facility is also available. This will enable the system administrator to tailor the printer to the data stream and protocol as defined by the airline mainframe. This will enable the smooth implementation of any new printer device whiteout the requirement of costly mainframe changes.

ActiveX or VB control

If you have an application which needs data communication with the airline mainframe and this application has already a possibility of presenting the host data, either in a single window are already in a formatted screen, you might not need the whole CCP application.
For this purpose we have developed an ActiveX control or VB object, that you can use in your VB application just as any other control. This object will take care of the data handling while your application will deal with the data. It is fast and simple.

Download CCP Product Description  (PDF file).

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