Monday, January 25, 2021
Travsys Comms Adapters

The Travsys CSPNT server can be connected to an ALC or UTS datacommunication modem by means of the SPC/USB adapter.

SPC/USB adapter for ALC and UTS

The SPC/USB adapter connects directly into the modem with its DB25 M connector. The adapter contains a processor and memory to handle the lower levels of the protocol. Data is send to the CSPNT server via the USB channel. 
The CSPNT server can handle multiple SPC/USB adapters at the same time. You can connect a maximum of upto 8 dapters to a single CSPNT. Travsys recommends to put no more that 4 adapters to a single CSPNT. This to limit the risk for the CSPNT as being a single point of failure. 

A detailed product description can be found at the Documents page

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