Wednesday, August 05, 2020
ATB Imager - The Template Editor

ATB Imager™ is a comprehensive design tool for multi purpose ATB documents. With this composer, various elements can be joined together in order to create the complete layout of an ATB coupon. The graphical user interface presents the layout as it will appear on the ATB coupon.

ATB imager main screen
(click picture for full size)

Graphic objects such as, logos, lines, and fixed text are gathered together and saved as a background. The objects can be created and modified with the various built-in editors. Variable data elements on the coupon will be saved in the PECTAB layer, which positions the elements on the coupon and on the magnetic stripe.
Once a coupon is designed ATB Imager™ can produce instantly downloadable output files for an ATB printer.
ATB Imager™ is also capable of decompiling existing pectable files to simplify the modification of existing pectab files.

ATB Imager™ contains the following components:

  • Logo editor
  • Font editor
  • PECTAB editor
  • Background editor

  • New !! Support for AEA '95 templates

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